Business Health Indicator


6th March 2024, 9am to 6pm

Kuala Lumpur

The Business Health Indicators

We would like to invite you to use this checklist to take stock of where you are as a company.

Read and consider each statement below, put a ✅ in the box when you fully agree with the statement.

Now that you have identified the area of strengths and areas that you want to strengthen, let us partner with you in the following ways to level up your business:

Take Action

Join the 1-Day Levelling Up Workshop with your leadership team


Discuss a specific need in your organisation

Your Facilitators

Noelle Tan

Noelle spent 20 years in corporates, not-for-profit and start-ups across different cultures. She held a broad range of roles spanning product, strategy, and M&A to C-suite in the region. She has found a nexus where purpose, people, and profit can co-exist. It is her passion to help build thriving businesses that commits to growing people, and leaving a positive impact on the communities around them. Noelle is a credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of International Coaching Federation (ICF). She co-founded GoVolcanno in Singapore to provide coaching and consultancy to leaders to enable next-level growth and amplify their personal and business impact.

Peg Wong

Peg Wong has been working with many senior management teams across a variety of industries on their strategic planning & execution for more than 15 years. She partners & consults with top management to ensure implementation, effectiveness & sustainability of the strategic planning & alignment process. Part of the process also involves helping companies articulate their core values and purpose. She has facilitated many off-site strategic planning retreats for senior leadership teams. She has also consulted a wide variety of industries such as architecture & design; e-commerce; education; financial services; F&B; FMCG; hospitality; manufacturing; technology and travel.