About us

About us

Accomplish first started in 2018 among  a few entrepreneurs and professionals.

What started as a project in the early days, has since evolved to become Accomplish Asia Sdn Bhd -  incorporated on the 1st of July, 2020 as a company officially.

At the core of Accomplish are our GLORY values (God-centered, Loyal to Process, Obedient to Truth, Real Spirit of Excellence, Yielding Rights). These core values govern all that we do - from our decision making, the way we lead our teams, build our businesses and even, how we seek to build people through our companies.

In fact, it is these values that spur us on in our mission to build a God-centered business community that is committed to grow together in truth, competence and care towards one another within the community, as well as those under our leadership in our respective companies.

Our core values

Strategic Partnership with Kingdom Business Community (KBC)

Accomplish has a strategic partnership with Kingdom Business Community (KBC), a non-profit organisation based in Jakarta. It was founded in 2005 by 10 business professionals who had a shared vision to equip marketplace leaders with the tools to achieve ‘true success’.

In addition to contributing to Accomplish at the Board of Advisory level, KBC has also shared proprietary programs and tools that are proven in building a business community which has impacted communities, changed the way industries worked, and brought about a life change.

To date, KBC has 20,000 members across 7 cities in Indonesia and more than 200 mentors.

Accomplish Leadership Team

Aileen Goh


Accomplish Asia Sdn Bhd

Koh Tat Seng


Director, Flexiroam Ltd

Elaine Chuah

Members & Circles

Executive Director, Priority Communications PR Sdn Bhd

Marcel Gan


Director, Natural Options Sdn Bhd

Peg Wong


Facilitator & Strategic Planning Coach, Learning Latitude

Caroline Ong


Country Director, Our Daily Bread Bhd

Adrian Lim


CEO, Polymath Malaysia

Noelle Tan


Co-founder, GoVolcanno Pte Ltd

Dr Lew Lee Choo


Deputy Senior Pastor, SIBKL