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If you aspire to integrate Godly values into daily decision making and want to grow together with a group of like-minded business leaders, come join us!

Registration for our July 2022 intake is now CLOSED.

However, registration for our January 2023 intake is open.

Prerequisite: Attended True Success Conference. 

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The Accomplish Experience


Members journey together in authentic small groups known as Circles for leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Professionally led by Accomplish Facilitators, it offers peer-to-peer learning, support and accountability.


Members have exclusive access to relevant programs that strengthen business competencies and application of truths.

Fresh perspectives gained will inspire breakthroughs in leadership and business.


Members will be guided by Accomplish Facilitators who are vested to see the growth of each member.

Coaching is done within the context of the Circle so that learning is maximized in a peer-to-peer group setting.



Live a life that is authentic and full. Gain new perspectives, build a stronger foundation, and effectively apply God-centered values in your life.


Discover the true purpose of business, and practicing God-centered principles. Guide people through business in truth and integrity.


Learn to transform your business or workplace into one that impacts your staff, their families, and even the community at large beyond profit.

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Hear what our coaches and members have to say

Teh Hui Hui

Accomplish Member

Through Accomplish, I learnt it is not about the stories of success but a journey with a group of professionals through the lows and also their highs. It opened up my perspective to see that everyone has their own work-in-progress stories regardless of age. It’s not just a young adult problem or an adult problem, but we have our own challenges in every season regardless of position in the marketplace. I could be a professional, someone else could be a Head of Department, but each has their own challenges. So more often than not, it is learning the process of overcoming rather than the outcome itself.

Ng Kay Yip

Accomplish Circle Facilitator

I really enjoyed the Circle experience. Putting aside a couple of hours every month to reflect and write down what has been done or what needs to be done, and what are the highlights and lowlights, was something new. And at the end of every reflection, we would use a ‘feeling’ word to describe the reflection. I am not the type who would normally say what I feel. But learning to apply feelings actually helped me to communicate better with my staff. This helped me understand my employees better, and I was able to move some of them into different positions that were better suited to their talents. And now, they are happier.

Cyrus Chim

Accomplish Member

Before GLEAM, every week I was having long meetings with the team, sitting down looking into problems and solving them together. We worked 5 days a week, but our weekly meeting is like half day, sometimes even one day gone. Our weekly meeting was time consuming, and draining the team’s energy. I picked up this diamond from Adrian Lim’s sharing on GLEAM, to have a 5m to 10m update with the team every day, to follow up on what was completed yesterday, what is still in progress, what are we going to achieve today. This method is more efficient than ever before, in terms of communication and efficiency at work!
Frequently Asked Questions

It is a monthly commitment program which consists of Community and Competency tracks.

Yes, you must attend True Success Conference first.

It will be meetings once a month for about 3 hours per session.

Yes. There is a simple screening process to ensure that each applicant understands and ready for the commitment for the program. This help us to match the members and the facilitators to maximize your membership experience.

Membership fees will only be collected upon successful acceptance of the application. This will be advised to you upon confirmation.

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