Paulus Bambang

Paulus Bambang

Board of Advisor, Kingdom Business Community

Pak Paulus Bambang is the Senior Mentor and Advisor in Kingdom Business Community, a non profit organization that focuses on building a moral and spiritual movement in the workplace.

Pak Paulus has a wide range of experiences, having held strategic roles in various offices within the ASTRA Group. Some of such positions include – Managing Director, PT Astra Graphia; Vice President Director, PT United Tractors Tbk; and of late, Director, PT Astra International where he oversees its infrastructure, digital and property businesses. Concurrently, he continues to actively provide leadership guidance to many entrepreneurs and professionals to develop a management mindset that is based on spiritual values, practicing truth in business and the workplace, and yet capable of achieving growth. His leadership style from the heart helps entrepreneurs and professionals alike to see and understand how their work is able to contribute towards building the community and nation.

His mission in life is to develop these 4 areas:

  • Shifting (Transforming Business to Lives)
  • Helping young people to grow
  • Inspiring people with integrity & attitude
  • Promoting diversity & nationalism

Together with his wife Bu Silvia Valentina, they have 3 children. Pak Paulus also likes to write. His passion for writing started in his early days in university. Apart from the notable books which he authored – Built to Bless Company and Lead to Bless Leader, Pak Paulus’ other writings are also found in many articles, whether in print or electronically.