True Success Conference Online edition 2024



2 - 4 Aug 2024
SkyArena, Kota Kinabalu

Think you know success? Think again.

Seeking meaning in your business or career? Lost direction along the path to success?
Challenge your perception of success and embrace work as a divine mandate. Witness how Truth can manifest practically in your workplace. Become an impact-driven leader wherever you stand!
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This is our FIRST EVER Conference in East Malaysia. Special thanks to Skyline SIB for sponsoring our event venue.
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ACCOMPLISH True Success Conference

4 - 5 May 2024 | 9am - 6pm (UTC+8) | Hilton Petaling Jaya

Think you know success? Think again!

Seeking meaning in your business or career? Lost direction along the path to success?
Challenge your perception of success and embrace work as a divine mandate. Witness how Truth can manifest practically in your workplace. Become an impact-driven leader wherever you stand!
This Conference, in partnership with Human Synergy, is HRDF claimable.

A Christian faith-based event

3 Reasons To Say Yes!

Discover the keys to true, lasting success and foster meaningful connections in small groups.


Reject mundanity, embrace work's divine purpose, and uncover the essence of true success.


Elevate beyond mere inspirations and witness Truth in practical application within the workplace.


Transcend superficial networking, and nurture meaningful connections in small group settings.

Session Topics

Ready to be challenged? Step deeper into the journey of an impact-driven leader as you examine each topic together in small groups.

What really is SUCCESS? What are we chasing after in the daily grind of work and life? Is what we achieve truly success or merely a sense of success? This is a reality which we often witness – people who achieve material success but fail in other areas of their lives. This module will challenge us to re-think and re-define what success really is to us.

There are numerous courses that teach financial theories and practices, and provide helpful tips on how to navigate the financial world. However, not many pay attention to whether the process is right or wrong. This module will help us understand the FINANCIAL GOALS that God wants in our lives and how to apply the principles to Grow in Truth, Competence and Care in both our lives and at work.

How can companies truly serve a greater purpose, beyond profit? This module will show us how we, in our respective work position of influence – as a business owner or professional, can be instrumental to shift our company from being an established company to becoming a BUILT TO BLESS Company.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” A great leader is someone who has the right attitude (heart), talent (head) and practices (hand) to ascertain and effectively steer the potential of those under our care for true success. This module focuses on developing the Leader rather than the business.

How do we proclaim and present God’s Kingdom in the marketplace? Is it do-able? Regardless of the job position we have or the industry we operate in, the tussle to do the right thing in the midst of challenging situations is real. This module provides the foundational understanding, allowing us to discover how we can practically apply God’s truths at our workplaces.

As we go through life, we sometimes chase after, accumulate and guard the wealth that we have earned zealously. But do we truly own anything? This module discusses the topic of who the TRUE OWNER is of all that we currently have.

This is the reality we face: like it or not, our actions or non-actions leave an impression on the people around us. This module will help us to understand the principles of, and the importance of leaving a sustainable legacy for the next generation.

Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Impact

In our In-app Learning Modules, you will hear from a dynamic lineup of impact-driven speakers from Indonesia, offering a rich tapestry of Asian perspectives spanning various industries, with their own challenges and deeply encouraging real-life stories of how they overcame them. 

Julian Foe

Co-founder and Coordinator,
Kingdom Business Community
Managing Partner,
Qando Qoaching

Djunaidi Lie

PT Juara Raga Adidaya

Agus Sanetyo

Founder & CEO,
Profit ActionCoach
Executive Coach,
Mie Mapan Group

Paulus Bambang

Board of Advisor,
Kingdom Business Community

Heru Kumarga

Dapur Solo Sukses Sejati

Anna Chew

Meaningfull Life
ReU Living

Goh Thian Aun

Founder - Business Consultant and Business Coach,
InnoWake Solutions

Sylvia and Naomi Kusmanto

Sylvia: Marketing Director
Naomi: Owner and Principal
Dialogue Group

Blended Learning: Learning in 3 ways


Our in-app learning modules will give you a personalized learning experience at your own pace. You will also be supported in your learning experience in a facilitated small group setting.


Throughout this program, you will have the opportunity to learn from other participants through the online community on the social platform in the app.


Saturday Together is where you will hear from our Forum Panelists and also interact within your small groups.

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RM699per pax

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7 x In-app Learning Modules

3 x Saturday Together Pitstops


Conference Pass
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3 Days Conference Pass


True Success Online Kick-off 12 Oct
10am - 12noon*
Modules In-App Learning Saturday Together PITSTOPS
True Success
Growing in Godly Finance
13 - 25 Oct
Est. 4 hours weekly
26 Oct
10am - 12noon*
Built to Bless
Lead to Bless
27 Oct - 8 Nov
Est. 4 hours weekly
9 Nov
10am - 12noon*
Presenting God’s Kingdom in the Marketplace
Steward or Owner
Legacy: Your Sustainable Wealth
10 - 29 Nov
Est. 4 hours weekly
30 Nov
10am - 12noon*

Apply What You've Learned

Challenge yourself to continue your journey to be an impact-driven leader supported by a group of like-minded peers after the Conference.