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What Our Members Say


I really enjoyed the Circle experience. Putting aside a couple of hours every month to reflect and write down what has been done or what needs to be done, and what are the highlights and lowlights, was something new. And at the end of every reflection, we would use a ‘feeling’ word to describe the reflection. I am not the type who would normally say what I feel. But learning to apply feelings actually helped me to communicate better with my staff. This helped me understand my employees better, and I was able to move some of them into different positions that were better suited to their talents. And now, they are happier.

Ng Kay Yip
CEO, Maran Resources

Support and encouragement

There are many business issues that are deep and troubling which makes the journey of a business owner lonely at times. Through my Circle experience I found support, encouragement and accountability through our monthly meet ups. The peer-to-peer sharing brings insights and encouragement that has carried me through the darkest hours and celebrate wins.

Jessica Koh
Director, The Traveller Sdn Bhd

Building Connections

I learned that people management is not just about providing incentives and rewards. It is about building a connection with your team members and establishing a personal relationship with them. Since applying these principles at work through small gestures, I was able to have more conversations and discussions with my team members. I found that by being honest and willing to learn from them, I was able to gain their trust and respect.

Dr. Joseph Koh
Chief Operating Officer, Orange Convenient Store


Accomplish provides me the handles to support and build my team members to achieve our targets without “neglecting them. Each team member is different in terms of capabilities and productivity. I learned to have strategic approach and be committed to the process of nurturing each of the team members

Choo Wei Wei
Head of Leasing, Retail Industry


The most important part to me, is the sharing in a safe environment. When the whole Circle is non-judgmental and there's no advice-giving,  it's basically a listening ear. When you can let go and there's nothing to restrain ourselves, as the weeks goes by we become more open and trust each other more. The monthly reflection is really good. The more I do it, the more I'm able to see the issues I'm facing more clearly and I'm able to improve.

Michael Loh
Director, DYB Distribution Sdn Bhd