Conference BUNDLE Registration



4 - 5 May 2024
9am - 6pm
Hilton Petaling Jaya

At the Accomplish Conference, we address real-world leadership challenges, from integrity to results. Examine what true success is together in small groups, and make meaningful connections. Gain practical handles to transform businesses and enrich lives.

Following the Conference, you will then be inducted to be an Accomplish member where you will continue learning, being supported in a safe environment together with a small group of peers, in addition to sessions and gatherings with special speakers.

Please be informed that there will be a simple screening process to ensure that each applicant understands and is ready for the commitment as a Member before the commencement of the Membership program, after the Conference.

CONFERENCE and MEMBERSHIP 2024 Bundle Registration Form

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Personality Test

Please complete a Personality test at and attached your results below. This will help us to place you in a group with diverse background and maximize the experience for peer-to-peer learning.