True Success

True Success Conference

1 - 29 Oct 2022

Get ready to embark on a transformative blended learning journey designed to challenge and inspire business owners and professionals working for others, to see beyond business-as-usual and gain new perspectives in the way we run our businesses, departments or teams as leaders at our workplace. The True Success Conference is a Christian faith-based program which consists of a series of topics curated and organized by Accomplish, in partnership with the Kingdom Business Community (Indonesia).

  • True Success

  • Growing in Godly Finance

  • Built to Bless

  • Lead to Bless

  • Presenting God's Kingdom in the Marketplace

  • Steward or Owner

  • Legacy: Your Sustainable Wealth

2021 Christmas Special

Offer valid from 31 Oct – 31 Dec 2021

Members & Alumni

RM640 per pax


RM800 per pax

Accomplish Members & Coaches

RM450 per pax
(26 June - 6 September)

Early Bird

RM550 per pax
(26 June - 1 August)

Normal Price

RM600 per pax
(2 August - 6 September 2021)

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